DEKA leverages Defi power to enable the time value of money concept on crypto assets. It's a time-staking protocol that allows you to earn instant upfront yield by staking $DKA.

Money Now vs. Money Later: How $DKA enables the concept known as Time Value of Money (TVM)

The time value of money is considered when weighing the opportunity costs of spending versus saving or investing money. As such, it is one of the reasons why interest is paid or earned.

The underlying concept of TVM is that capital today is not necessarily worth the same or more than capital in the future. The two main reasons are inflation and opportunity cost. In layman terms, if I have money now, I can use it to make more money. If I don't, I will lose that opportunity.

Why is the Time Value of Money important?

Time value of money is important because it can help guide investment decisions.

For instance, suppose an investor can choose between two projects: Project A and Project B. Both projects have identical descriptions except that Project A promises a 10,000$ payout in year 1, whereas Project B offers a 10,000$ payout in year 3. If the investor did not understand the time value of money, they might believe that these two projects are equally attractive. However, time of money dictates that Project A is more attractive than Project B because its 10,000$ payout has a higher present value.

Time Value of Money Formula

Depending on the exact situation in question, the time value of money formula may change slightly. But in general, the formula for computing time value of money considers the payment now, the future value, the interest rate, and the time frame.

DEKA picks up on that concept to enable instant upfront yield on crypto assets. All are done in a decentralized, autonomous, and permissionless manner.

You can get a more detailed insight in our documentation and blog posts.


The project is built by three blockchain enthusiasts who want to drive crypto adoption forward and stay anonymous. There are multiple reasons for staying anonymous while maintaining the integrity and transparency of the project itself. Therefore the protocol is decentralized and permissionless, which means it can't be manipulated or controlled by any team member.

Can a project be anonymous and still be transparent? We believe so. Given the open source nature of cryptocurrency projects, users don't need to trust teams' claims. They need only to verify them.

Therefore the complete source code is provided on Github. Furthermore, we will publish a blog post shortly. We'll go into more detail about the reasons for remaining anonymous and present measures to ensure the project's transparency.


The roadmap focuses on the development of the protocol, operations infrastructure, new partnerships, and marketing initiatives.

FEB 2021

Project Concept

Start of the DEKA project & identification of the current state of research.

FEB - APR 2021

Setup Infrastructure

Development of all relevant components for the platform (Blog, Forum, Stats, Docs, Website & App).

APR 2021

Crowdpooling Campaign

$DKA is provided to early backers through an crowdpooling campaign on DODO exchange.

APR 2021

Platform Launch

DEKA platform is launched with support for Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

APR 2021

Marketing Initiatives

Leverage Social Media Platforms, Start Bounty- & Airdrop Campaigns, NFTs for early supporters.

APR - MAY 2021

Exchange Listing & Trading

$DKA token is listed and actively trading on multiple exchanges.

MAY 2021

Publish Litepaper

The Litepaper is released to the public.

JUN 2021

Governance Support

Add basic governance functionality for token holders.

JUL 2021

Extend Platform Features

Transferless payment system, Interoperability staking with any token (e.g. BNB for BUSD), Donation support


Besides future visual improvments of the user interface. We will support feature request from the community & support further technical improvments.